The Five Sisters Lodge & Tours is located in the scenic Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. This is the largest protected area in Belize, boasting an immense Rain Forest and natural Wildlife Sanctuary. The Five Sisters Lodge & Tours obtained it's name from the five perfectly gushing waterfalls and the numerous crystal pools that form part of this natural wonder. These waterfalls empty into the famous Privassion River, which meanders through the heart of the Forest Reserve.

The sparkling, clear water of the river, the shimmering spray of the falls and the contrasting green of the forest are accentuated by a wild display of colorful flowers of over four hundred and fifty species of orchids, palmettos and other exotic plants. The continuos flowering of these plants throughout the year produces nature's own kaleidoscope of brilliant colours and the crisp air is always heavy with a fragrant, exciting aroma.

The Five Sisters Waterfalls:

The Five Sisters Lodge & Tours ensures easy access to our gorgeous waterfalls by means of Belize's only hydro-powered rain forest tram! As you decend further down into the rain forest you will see the Five waterfalls, which give the Lodge its name.

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