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The Five Sisters Lodge & Tours obtained it's name from the five perfectly gushing waterfalls and the numerous crystal pools that form part of this natural wonder. These waterfalls empty into the famous Privassion River, which meanders through the heart of the Forest Reserve.

The sparkling, clear water of the river, the shimmering spray of the falls and the contrasting green of the forest are accentuated by a wild display of colorful flowers of over four hundred and fifty species of orchids, palmettos and other exotic plants. The continuos flowering of these plants throughout the year produces nature's own kaleidoscope of brilliant colours and the crisp air is always heavy with a fragrant, exciting aroma.

Carlos Popper, Belizean born, commenced his Five Sisters Lodge & Tours in 1991. His dream was to create an eco-tourism facility that he could share with the rest of the world. Inspired by the natural beauty of his property, he set off to design his lodge with one clear objective: to provide sustainable architecture in harmony with the natural world that surrounds us. This he has accomplished with excellence.

The Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve of Belize is a perfect example of the diversity this country offers. With its reddish soil, tall pine trees sweeping the sky, and somewhat drier atmosphere, this region presents a sharp contrast to the dense jungle by which it is surrounded. In the heart of this locale rests Five Sisters Lodge & Tours, perched high atop the edge of a steep valley, overlooking the Five Sisters Falls which flow over the rocks far below. (The falls are so named because there are five of them, side by side.) With wonderful vistas of the falls, and over the surrounding hills, this lodge invites you to sit back, relax, and be lured into tranquillity by the sound of the cascading water.
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Since Five Sisters Lodge & Tours opened in 1995, it has been a popular escape for ecotourists and nature lovers. Being situated on ten acres of privately titled land in the midst of the national reserve, you can truly get away from it all here. The lodge is about a one-hour drive from San Ignacio, on the Caracol road, just a few miles beyond the gate at the reserve's entrance. The location is ideal for anyone interested in exploring the region, including Caracol, Belize's largest Maya ruin, only a 1-1/2 hour drive from the lodge. You will also enjoy lounging in your hammock, or sitting on the deck enjoying the view. The outgoing and efficient staff works well under the guidance of Javier Martinez, the pleasant, amiable manager. Javier will see to all your needs, and ensure that your accommodation is comfortable.

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