The lodge, owned by Belizean Carlos Popper, consists of 19 cabanas of varied size, each opening onto screened verandas with wonderful views, and a hammock. All cabanas are well screened, and mosquito netting is provided over the beds, although we didn't find it necessary to use it. The attractive, sparkling clean rooms have hardwood floors, and the locally crafted furnishings are basic, but adequate. Our showers were not necessarily hot, but warm enough to be comfortable.

The deck around this building permits you to enjoy your drinks and meals while taking in the pristine beauty of your surroundings. The kitchen serves plenty of tasty, local cuisine, and homemade bread.

The natural vegetation has been supplemented nicely with a wide variety of colourful, tropical plants, and this, combined with neat pathways, makes for an attractive setting under the pines.

The treetops are alive with bird activity, and bird watchers will enjoy adding species unique to this habitat, such as the Acorn Woodpecker, to their sightings list. You'll also see some of the regulars; orioles, oropendolas, and kites.

Guests will likely encounter wildlife in the forest, as well. As we walked to our cabana after dinner, we saw two gray foxes cavorting in the glow of a lamppost along the path, leaping high in the air to catch bugs that swooped through the light.

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