About Belize:
Belize is a small country of 8,867 square miles that sits on the northeastern coast of Central America. The friendly neighbor of Mexico and Guatemala, Belize shares an ancient Mayan past and common ethnic backgrounds with Central America. But it is the salty air drifting over from the Caribbean Sea that has infected the country with a colorful Caribbean flamboyance that can be seen through its distinct Colonial/Caribbean-style architecture, coconut-based dishes, white sandy beaches, laid-back ambience and its English and Creole dialects. Belize is in fact the only Central American country with English as a first language. About Five Sisters Lodge & Tours
Five Sisters Lodge & Tours is located in the scenic Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. It is a nature reserve in the Cayo District of southern central Belize. This is the largest protected area in Belize, boasting an immense Rain Forest and natural Wildlife Sanctuary.

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